Evolution is Cleverer Than You

Using Simulators to Mechanize Design. Design is tricky because it’s rarely obvious how to phrase a problem such that there’s a technology solution that can be built to address it. Design is a lot of work because when low level details interact with each other, unforeseen problems start to crop up. Even something as simple […]

Video: Automated Design of Trading Strategies

Here’s a two part video introducing the new alpha version of the DesignByRobots Trading App. The video talks about developing new stock trading strategies in response to ever-changing market conditions and shows how DesignByRobots automates a critical part of that process. Namely, making the leap from an incomprehensible number of possible directions to take your […]

Overfitting Entire Companies with Statistical Modeling

As statistical modeling becomes more ingrained in corporate decision making, models will increasingly be selected by the free market itself and not by the data analysts within those companies. This in turn will cause overfitting of the models and survivorship bias of the techniques that generated them. Survivorship bias comes in a few flavors. The […]

The Recombination of Labor

A common theme amongst old-school scholars is to claim that the internet is making us dumber by focusing on shallow treatments of subjects. Of course, these people often are the same ones who enjoy writing long, boring, non-fiction books and want you to like them (here, the pronoun ‘them’ left intentionally ambiguous). But unless you’re […]

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