Video: Automated Design of Trading Strategies

Here’s a two part video introducing the new alpha version of the DesignByRobots Trading App. The video talks about developing new stock trading strategies in response to ever-changing market conditions and shows how DesignByRobots automates a critical part of that process. Namely, making the leap from an incomprehensible number of possible directions to take your strategy development process to a manageable set of backtested strategies to select from. The user interface of the Trading App focuses on using the (human) trader’s taste and judgement to quickly pick which of the hundreds of generated trading strategies to actually use. The video also gives an overview of DesignByRobots’ technology, including the new way we represent data and designs that makes automated design practical as well as scalable.


Part 1: How It Works

Part 2: Software Demo

We highly recommend turning the resolution up to 720p and going to fullscreen mode during the software demo.

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