First Post!!!!

I’m starting this blog to write up the research-project/startup I’ve been working on for the last four years. The main innovation is in the way data and designs are represented in software so that pattern detection can be used to understand the data, and the detected patterns can be exploited to improve the designs. This has implications for how data-analysis software is built and what role automated systems will be able to play in redesigning products (and making other decisions).

If you’re wondering if you should care what I have to say on the topic, you can check out my resume at my personal site.

I’m currently drafting the first few posts together, and will try to push them out one by one as they get cleaned up. For more info about what’s to come, visit the Overview page above.

I’ll post details about the first actual product in a specific domain (or vertical market, as the business guys say) soon enough but I’m going to start with the big picture. I’m focused on getting a product built and getting a company going, so I don’t really have time to get academic journal articles published or write a formal business plan. I’m therefore just going to do the writeup as a series of blog posts. It’s easier if I can just tell you the ideas without having to bury them in technical and business jargon to conform to more respectable formats. You can call the blog posts “white papers” if it makes you feel better.

The product is finally stable enough that I’m confident the core technology works. For a long time it would start to look like things were going to work but then some new problem would come up that would force a significant rewrite. I can now publish the results without much fear of having to back track on my claims later.

The other reason to publish this now is that there are more options for how to proceed from a business perspective now that the core technology has stabilized. For the first time it might be possible to make good use of more people on the project. Six months ago there was nothing for a salesperson to sell and no good way to break off a piece of work to assign to another software developer. Now that’s changed. I’m not ready to launch the first product, but the project is in a new place and the organization that builds the product could scale in a few different ways from here.

The OTHER reason to publish this now is to convince my mom I’ve really been working and haven’t just been sitting in my apartment playing video games the last four years.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please watch the RSS or Twitter feeds for new articles. I’ll try to make it worth your time.

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